The school has a well-laid, lush green playground, a multipurpose court, and an indoor sports complex. These facilities are used for providing coaching to students in various sports and games such as football, athletics, Kho-Kho, Kabbdi, cricket, volleyball, indoor games like table tennis, chess, carrom, etc. Apart from organizing regular physical education classes, these facilities are used for providing specialized coaching to students in various sports and games.

Cultural Activities

The cultural activities enhance the confidence level of the students, thereby allowing them to perform better. The school conducts cultural programmes the whole year. Dances, music, dramas, and acts are conducted at every festival occasion. Every Saturday, students have a LCA period to explore their inherited talent.

Education Tours:

Education tours make learning fun for children. The school arranges for an educational tour once a year. It is the best way to allow students to experience the things they learn in class. While classroom education is necessary for gaining knowledge about the curriculum, educational tour operators can add the fun element. They create a sense of curiosity. These interactive educational tours for students allow children to visit theme parks, museums, zoos, aquariums, or historical sites.

Art and Craft

Arts and crafts are an integral tool in child development as it fuels their curiosity and creativity and provides them with an outlet to observe, express, explore, and excel through creating things. The school conducts compulsory subjects such as art and craft for pre-primary to middle classes.

Science Activities

Science education activities give students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how and why things function. Science can teach children about the world that surrounds them. At school, science activities are performed regularly in the classroom and science lab. Once a year, a Science Exhibition is performed by the students under the teachers’ guidance.

Language Activities

Developing language skills is of absolute importance for young children's later success in life, both as social beings and in pursuing an education. For improving language skills, activities such as poems, rhymes, storytelling, songs, essays, and debates are performed regularly in school in both English and Hindi languages.

Pre school Activities

Giving child a good preschool education will help them succeed in all aspects of life. Children develop strong foundations in social, pre-academic, and general life skills in preschool, which will help them succeed in school and beyond. Our school conducts large numbers of activities for toddlers for the development of cognitive skills, motor skills, and language skills.

Fun and Entertainment

When entertainment and education go hand in hand, students benefit a great deal. The school engages students in fun and entertaining activities from time to time to relax and change. Bal mela, bal sabha, music & DJ, comedy shows, magic shows, movies, educational tours, games and contests are events organised by the school.

Social Activities

Social activities help children improve their social skills by interacting with people and their environment. Students are taught social responsibility at school through campaigns that include tree planting, cleanliness, saving trees, saving water, saving soil, and distributing books and clothes.

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