Samsung S7 Edge Mtn Contract

If you`re looking for the latest smartphone on the market, the Samsung S7 Edge is a great choice. And if you`re in South Africa, you can get it on a contract with MTN.

MTN offers a variety of contract options for the Samsung S7 Edge, depending on your needs and budget. You can choose from the My MTNChoice Flexi, My MTNChoice Data, and My MTNChoice Talk packages.

The My MTNChoice Flexi package allows you to choose your voice, data, and SMS bundles separately, so you can customize your plan to your specific needs. This package also includes free WhatsApp messaging, as well as access to the MTN entertainment package, which includes movies, music, and games.

The My MTNChoice Data package is perfect for those who use their smartphones primarily for browsing and streaming. This package comes with a generous amount of data, as well as free WhatsApp and access to the MTN entertainment package.

Finally, the My MTNChoice Talk package is designed for those who primarily use their smartphones for calls and SMS. This package includes a set amount of voice minutes and SMS messages, as well as free WhatsApp and access to the MTN entertainment package.

No matter which package you choose, you`ll enjoy the benefits of the Samsung S7 Edge, including its sleek design, powerful camera, and long battery life. And with MTN, you can get this great smartphone at an affordable price, with the added convenience of a contract plan.

So why wait? Upgrade your smartphone game today with the Samsung S7 Edge on an MTN contract.

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